The Journey and the Golden Gate Bridge

Posted by Tom LarsenJan 29, 2020 Gratitude, Making Choices, Planning 2 Comments

It’s about time I started writing again for public consumption. I’ve been writing blogs since 2013, but, not so much recently. You and I likely don’t know each other or the myriad roles I have played at some point in my career. My blog work thus far was imported to this website. You likely don’t know I have owned and operated consumer brands or that I wrote a book “Beyond Your Successful Startup: Building a Business”. These are all merely snippets of my past.

My life has changed considerably over the past three years. I posted a blog from the depths of it in July 2018 which is here. I promised to share along the way. I did not do that. I couldn’t find the clarity of topic at any time to feel my writing was insightful. That clarity has returned and I have a lots of topics to cover now, both business and personal and where they intersect. I have a new business named The Customer Point of View which is all about communication (the digital versions we all look at every day).

What I have learned in the last year and a half about myself could fill a bookshelf. Since you don’t know me, I didn’t just sit around. I pushed myself out to see and hear with the result being where I am now, with a new business doing what I have always done, design products, now evolved to include digital products that we are all more familiar calling websites.

Of course I have an approach that others do not, because my top priority is making the product useful for the user which in the case of a website is far more than a brochure with animations. I’ll be writing about all of these topics and more. I’m looking forward to your comments and relections as we go.

Ah, now the Golden Gate Bridge. I took this picture from a vantage point that most don’t see, without the urban setting background or the waterway underneath. This Bridge to me is the epitome of finding a creative and beautiful way to achieve numerous goals most people never think about. In this case to clear ships for passage below the deck (don’t get in the way of other needs), carry the load of traffic (accomplish the core goal), withstand the vicious weather and destructive currents (be resilient), cross what was at the time the longest span between two towers for a suspension bridge (be bold and remarkable), create an attractive visual from every angle (add to the beauty of life), fog or not, to stand tall, doing its job 24/7/365. Fail on any of these efforts and the Bridge would not be considered “the most photographed bridge in the world”?

It’s my hope that this blog will give you something to think about, some observation you never considered or something to laugh about. Since you don’t know me, that’s what I do all the time, watch, listen, connect dots and laugh along the way. And now, after a ton of introspection to find the new version of me, I am back, changed for sure, but, also a lot the same. At this point I understand that’s kind of how it works in so many growth periods; not quite the same, but, also not that much different. It’s at this moment that most living organisms begin to regenerate and grow anew. This blog and my new business represent that moment for me.

For those of you who like a stretch for your mind and maybe shade your thinking here and there, sign up and stay on board. It will certainly be interesting and hopefully fun, for us both.

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