Your Brand’s top 5 Prospects – who are they?

  • by Tom Larsen | Jun 03, 2015 |
  • Planning, Sales |

If you can’t answer this question you are already in trouble: “Who are my top 5 prospects in every retail channel and what are we doing to get our product in their stores?”


The Sales and Marketing 1-2-3 recipe

  • by Tom Larsen | May 20, 2015 |
  • Marketing, Organization, Planning, Sales |

So here I very loosely define the three areas that in my view are the bulk of discretionary spending for your consumer product business, not just two as in P&L terms;


Founder as Presenter-OK: Founder as Salesperson-RISKY

  • by Tom Larsen | Apr 29, 2015 |
  • Planning, Sales |

By selling you ask questions. You want to learn how to serve this Customer, the retailer (not the consumer) to make money in the space.


The Critical Importance of your Overall Sales Capability

  • by Tom Larsen | Apr 15, 2015 |
  • Organization, Planning, Sales |

There, I said it. Relationship networks. That’s the deal. Here’s why?


2 Powerful Resources for Sales & Marketing

  • by Tom Larsen | Dec 24, 2013 |
  • Marketing, Planning |

For those of you who are pursuing a DIY selling model…………………For those of you who do your own marketing…………..