The Sales and Marketing 1-2-3 recipe

  • by Tom Larsen | May 20, 2015 |
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So here I very loosely define the three areas that in my view are the bulk of discretionary spending for your consumer product business, not just two as in P&L terms;


The marketing troika

  • by Tom Larsen | May 13, 2015 |
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Just because someone else has effective marketing in some way does not mean you will, too. Good marketing must take into account the audience, their mindset, their needs/wants, where and when they are most likely to appreciate having the message introduced to them.


Marketing: Stop Guessing

  • by Tom Larsen | Nov 12, 2014 |
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I would rather have 20 of these answers than 4000 data points in some Election day format. From this I would fully understand what is the most valuable and important things we do. I would know exactly what the existing audience would like to see us do to go further or how to get more prospects that have the same perspective as our existing Customers.


What I Learned at CES about Packaging

  • by Tom Larsen | Jan 18, 2014 |
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It shouldn’t surprise anyone reading this that most of the exhibitors in the Eureka Tech Zone (startup section) at CES earlier this month were inventors and designers with little to no marketing experience. They were there to show off their brilliant innovations meant to save consumers time, money and delight them at the same time. … Continue reading What I Learned at CES about Packaging


3 Ways to Create Valuable Product Partnerships

  • by Jeff Haines | Oct 16, 2013 |
  • Marketing |

There are many products that sell nicely by themselves. It’s morning as the author writes this, so bacon comes to mind. Home sprinkler systems, chocolate bars and paper calendars are easily marketed as stand-alone products as well. Even if your product or service has the ability to soak up the limelight by itself, think about … Continue reading 3 Ways to Create Valuable Product Partnerships