Your Brand’s top 5 Prospects – who are they?

  • by Tom Larsen | Jun 03, 2015 |
  • Planning, Sales |

If you can’t answer this question you are already in trouble: “Who are my top 5 prospects in every retail channel and what are we doing to get our product in their stores?”


The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

  • by Tom Larsen | Sep 19, 2013 |
  • Marketing, Operations, Organization, Planning |

To be an entrepreneur, have enough conviction to go through the tedious setup steps, create promotional materials or products, bank accounts, email accounts, etc, is to wear many, many hats. Administrative, financial planner, designer, marketer, sales person and plenty of others. That effort and capability develops a certain understandable confidence that the entrepreneur can do … Continue reading The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma