Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

  • by Tom Larsen | Apr 19, 2017 |
  • Making Choices, Organization, Planning |

Striving for the greatest efficiency in technology as a way to solve a problem is very trendy. The efficiency we all now recognize from technology, all too often creates a perspective that everything we do needs to maximize efficiency. In the endless pursuit of efficiency it is easy to lose sight of whether or not the concept or effort is actually effective.


Divide Your Labor and Prosper

  • by Jeff Haines | Oct 23, 2013 |
  • Operations, Organization |

Published in 1776, British philosopher Adam Smith wrote in The Wealth of Nations that labor is most productive when it is divided into simple, discrete actions. Even in the manufacture of simple products, such as a wooden chair, the division of labor improves productivity dramatically. The simpler the task to be performed, the more productive … Continue reading Divide Your Labor and Prosper