Change, Disruption and 2020 in Review

  • by Tom Larsen | Jan 06, 2021 |
  • Gratitude, Making Choices, Organization, Planning |

Over the the past year, I largely wrote about change and disruption. I even had a blog about change in March, Pre-Pandemic. Change and disruption are inextricably linked which generally creates resistance to change because it creates disruption. Most people do not seek disruption. It is less predictable than status quo.This past year has been … Continue reading Change, Disruption and 2020 in Review


Change is a Constant

  • by Tom Larsen | Mar 04, 2020 |
  • Design, Making Choices, Marketing, Planning |

This activity was almost entirely meaningless 25 years ago, yet now represents tens of millions of people doing things every minute of every day that were unheard of in 1995.


Change is Inevitable

  • by Tom Larsen | Jan 11, 2017 |
  • Organization |

change and choice – how we resist it, how we embrace it, who embraces it, who does not, who creates or what causes it, what it looks like


What to do next ?

  • by Tom Larsen | Jun 16, 2016 |
  • Making Choices |

Our focus and awarenesses will change as we look and work in the retirement world instead of the consumer world. We won’t change, but, what we see, experience and create insight about will change.


Be accountable for your choices

  • by Tom Larsen | Jan 28, 2015 |
  • Organization, Planning |

When you choose to want to grow your business, you must also choose to be a new person. You must be willing to make choosing the best course a habit.