Calendar equals commitment

  • by Tom Larsen | Apr 08, 2015 |
  • Marketing, Operations, Organization, Planning, Product Development, Sales |

People who have lots of stuff on their calendars achieve things. People who keep it in their head or in disparate places they don’t see every day don’t achieve as many things.


Having goals is a start – Actions to achieve goals makes them real

  • by Tom Larsen | Feb 11, 2015 |
  • Marketing, Organization, Planning, Sales |

It is easy to understand that in order to achieve a goal of running a marathon that one must consistently run increasing longer distances to get in shape to run the marathon. The action to achieve the goal is to block out increasing amounts of time to run increasingly longer distances.


Contractor’s syndrome; how something you’re capable of doing just never gets done

  • by Tom Larsen | Oct 22, 2014 |
  • Marketing, Operations, Organization, Planning, Product Development |

When you let your capabilities define your priorities and your work load, you are losing ground every day. Your company needs you to define your company priorities and develop your capabilities. Then your company needs you to outsource or hire the rest.