Proof of Concept drives the investment

  • by Tom Larsen | Dec 04, 2013 |
  • Marketing, Planning, Product Development |

The Proof of Concept, the actual products in the actual place where actual consumers or businesses buy the product, is exactly what makes an idea valuable. It’s the proof. But, what constitutes a proof of concept can very often be misconstrued.


Entrepreneur: Are You a Planter or a Gardener?

  • by Tom Larsen | Nov 13, 2013 |
  • Operations, Organization |

After moving her family into their newly built home, Jane turns her attention to landscaping her yard. Her list is long: she needs trees, shrubs, a nice green lawn, the sprinkler system to keep it that way, uplighting, some decorative elements and a blueprint to tie it all together.  She finds a landscaping architect to … Continue reading Entrepreneur: Are You a Planter or a Gardener?