Change, Disruption and 2020 in Review

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Over the the past year, I largely wrote about change and disruption. I even had a blog about change in March, Pre-Pandemic. Change and disruption are inextricably linked which generally creates resistance to change because it creates disruption. Most people do not seek disruption. It is less predictable than status quo.

This past year has been one of the most interesting and wonderful years of my life. 2020 WAS in fact a year I gained a ton of clarity about life and lots, lots more, as I had wanted it to be. The work I did on myself in 2019, when I wrote almost no blogs and wrote a journal instead to figure out who I am, how to be solo and “what do I want for the rest of my life” have progressed quite beautifully. That effort in 2019 created the willingness to move my residence in the spring, fall in love, and reignite my professional voice. I’ve had lots of change into and through the disruption.

From my perspective the navigation possibilities for one’s own life come with far more choices than we ever consider almost every day. When I wrote about the imposed changes from the Pandemic, disruption and choice was nothing new to me. I make choices for change as a means to grow which means I’ve learned to accept, even embrace disruption. My relationship with change and disruption is decades old.

The Pandemic has reversed the usual cause and effect. We now have an imposed disruption that creates new choices. Choose to change. Choose to adapt. Choose to find personal growth. Choose to be positive. Choose whatever. Fight the disruption by struggling to maintain the “old normal” or accept the disruption and find the positive changes possible. Choose to grow.

With the disruption continuing and so much change still possible for all of us, you can still find new choices for your life or your point of view. In case you missed any of the blogs or want to read them again for a refresh, here are 7 of my Blogs of 2020.
Change is a Constant            March
What is Quality?       February

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