Here’s the thing…

You live in your business.

Your Customers don’t.

You have so much to say.

You’re given so little time.

You know you’re great.

They don’t trust you yet.

Why it works with me...

Your assets in the marketplace must be written and composed for the benefit of the Customer you want to attract. Our discovery practices create the identification and mindset of your potential and existing Customers achieving greater clarity and understanding for the outcome your Customers and your Business want.


Here’s the thing…

There’s too much to read.

Your visitors seek guidance.

You see things so clearly.

Your visitors are confused or lost.

Your visuals are beautiful.

They don’t make sense to your visitors.

Why it works with me...

You MUST have a site that is concise, message driven to your desired outcome and that lays out a logical journey to get from stranger to Customer. We connect visitors to your business through concise content, complimentary visuals and simple navigation to inspire your visitor’s continued interest in the outcomes you both seek.

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Here’s the thing…

You want to educate.

Your readers don’t want to be taught.

You want to inform.

Your readers see another pitch.

You’re writing for your business.

Your readers don’t feel anything.

Why it works with me...

You MUST be providing useful, informative content to your email list regularly or they forget you exist. We connect readers to your business with purposeful content, a commitment to guide and a human voice for outcomes your Customers and your Business want.

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Here’s the thing…

You have included everything.

Your readers can’t find the right info.

Your pages are beautiful.

Your readers don’t see visual guidance.

You love the images.

Your readers don’t even see the pictures.

Why it works with me...

You MUST have concise and interesting printables that inform and educate your audience to make them better connected to your business. We connect readers to your business with appropriate and concise content, intuitive navigation and useful visuals for materials that will be absorbed and utilized.

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What Clients are Saying

About Tom...

Tom Larsen has spent decades designing communications, products, packaging and websites. The cornerstone of that effort has always been to embrace the needs of the reader, viewer or the Customers at the outset. When that is clearly understood, the journey can begin to create overall messaging and environment to move from their current position to the new one being offered.

Customer attention spans continue to become shorter and shorter. Getting right to the point, visuals that amplify, and navigation that anyone can understand is the key to creating trust. We all know as consumers that if we can’t figure out the communication, how can we trust the business.

From roots in B2B and decades in consumer products, Tom and his team bring you a communication style and look that will create trust and increase revenues.

Tom is the author of Beyond Your Successful Startup: Building a Business

In Practice

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Over the the past year, I largely wrote about change and disruption. I even had a blog about change in March, Pre-Pandemic. Change and disruption are inextricably linked which generally creates resistance to change because it creates disruption. Most people do not seek disruption. It is less predictable than status quo.This past year has been … Continue reading Change, Disruption and 2020 in Review


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We talk so much about disruptive technologies and how positive they are. We rebuild after disaster disruptions, often for the better. What if we treated COVID-19 as a disruptive technology or disaster?